Letter from the President 2022

Dear Respected Members and Esteemed Readers,

As I pen down this note to you today, occupying the esteemed role of the President of our prestigious Association, I am brimming with gratitude and pride for the remarkable journey we are embarking on together, in steering the trajectory of the private equity market towards unprecedented heights.

In the tumultuous landscape of 2021, where economic vicissitudes were the norm, the private equity market emerged not just unscathed but stronger, recording significant milestones in terms of resources garnered and sagacious investments in burgeoning firms. The pandemic, coupled with the economic downturn, presented not obstacles, but avenues for private equity to fortify companies in pivotal transitional phases, helping them embrace technological advancements and adapt to fluctuating market conditions. As we stand on the cusp of new beginnings, we are filled with a fervent optimism for the unfolding chapter in 2022, envisaging a trajectory marked by progressive strides and exponential growth.

Reflecting upon our Association’s accomplishments, a surge in our membership base stands as a testimony to the tireless endeavors and unwavering dedication of our team and community. The meticulous orchestration of a potent research and analysis roadmap has endowed us with the capacity to offer our members not just data, but insights steeped in depth and relevance.

Moreover, our steadfast commitment to elevating the principles that form the bedrock of private equity has seen us championing its pivotal role in the economic fabric, an endeavor significantly amplified through our dynamic engagement on social platforms, allowing us to foster a community bound by shared visions and mutual goals.

As we charter the waters of the forthcoming year, our compass remains steadfastly directed towards nurturing the interests and values synonymous with our fraternity. Envisioning a collaborative haven for our members to exchange revolutionary ideas and foster best practices, we are confident that this synergy will be a crucible for groundbreaking achievements.

Let us take a moment to extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed members, diligent staff, and invaluable partners. Your relentless support and contributions have been the cornerstone of our achievements, painting a tapestry of success and unity. We eagerly anticipate forging new paths, hand in hand with each one of you, in the promising year ahead.

With heartfelt thanks,

Edoardo Ranaudo, President
Association du Capital Investissement de Paris

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