Organs of the Association

Our executive board implements the guidelines and decisions taken by the Board of Directors and the Bureau. This team acts under the responsibility of the Secretary and is organised around broad areas of action.
Members of the Executive Board, with the exception of the President and the Vice-President, are elected among the representatives of the Members and serve for one fiscal year After expiration of their term, outgoing members of the Board of Directors are
eligible for re-election for one consecutive term. The Board of Directors is vested with all the broadest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Association, which are not within the competence of the Assembly, and takes all necessary and appropriate measures for the pursuit of the purposes of the Association, in accordance with the directives established by the Assembly.

Edoardo Ranaudo – President
Niccolo’ Roberto Corte – Vice-President
Nicola Alfredo Maria Abbo – Secretary
Emanuele Costantino Baroli – Treasurer

Jacopo Ranaudo – Chair of the Board
Dario Faggi – Member of the Board

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