ACIP’s Governance provides members and associates with an overview of our governance structure. It provides information on how the Board, Committees and Advisory Groups are composed, and is a complement to the Statutes.


The Association Statute outlines the nature, purpose, and structure of the organization, as well as its institutional activities and various governing bodies. It defines the status of associate and provides a framework for the Association’s overall operation.

Codes of conduct

The Member Conduct Guidelines are internally developed codes aimed at promoting self-regulation among the Association’s members. These recommendations provide a standard of conduct for members to follow in their interactions with each other and the broader community.


The Association’s Executive Board members, excluding the President and Vice-President, are elected among Member representatives and serve a one-year term, renewable once. The Board has broad powers for managing the Association’s ordinary and extraordinary affairs, aside from the Assembly’s responsibilities.

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We are an independent private equity association dedicated to generating value for our members. Our mission is to cultivate enduring relationships built on integrity and trust, while delivering superior outcomes through rigorous research and innovative thinking.


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