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Increase your corporate awareness, cooperate with the most important investors and fund managers, create a solid professional network that opens the door to solid operations, also for future generations.
At ACIP we strongly believe that connections between like-minded people underpin the education, empowerment and making of future top private equity firms. That’s why our services are not limited exclusively to mere financial/operational analysis but aim to create an effective global network among the top players in the sector while enriching the professional experience on all sides.
As a member of ACIP you will not only be able to attend our exclusive corporate events, but you will have the opportunity to reserve speaking slots and meet one-on-one the most influential pan-European operators. This means positioning yourself at the highest levels, enhancing your company awareness in the industry and entering into convenient and long-lasting partnerships for the future.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Being a top player in the industry also means having a key role in industry events. This leads to the attention of investors, fund managers, banks and operators, placing your company as a leading authority in the private equity industry. At ACIP we provide our members with many sponsorship opportunities on different levels.
Sponsorship opportunities are open to corporations, private equity funds, academic institutions, and individuals in the private equity space.
ACIP seeks to leverage the unique benefits our sponsors bring to the table, helping both our members and partners to make deep-rooted connections that will produce long-lasting effective investment opportunities.

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We work together to bring knowledge, unlock opportunities, and drive returns for those directly and indirectly connected to the industry. Our knowledge outlines how private equity works and opens a dialogue to ensure policies that advance the European private equity investment space. We strive to be the first source for best practice, ethics, and industry knowledge.


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