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At ACIP, we are dedicated to providing our new hires with an excellent start that involves exposure to all deal aspects from day one. Our researchers are united by a common mission to make a difference. We are always interested in new talent. from all levels and backgrounds. Our commitment is always to think differently in order to achieve better results.

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ACIP provides a range of innovative programs for students alai recent graduates, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the private equity industry.

Role overview: support the team by conducting industry-focused research and administrative tasks to refine the understanding of the private equity sector


  • Conduct in-depth research into private equity trends, informing key decisions
  • Assist in coordinating engaging knowledge sessions with experts and academics
  • Craft presentations for diverse contexts, translating complex data into accessible insights − Manage administrative tasks for knowledge sessions and research services.

Role overview: provide analytical support and engage in strategy development, drawing insights from ACIP’s deep industry knowledge and research initiatives


  • Lead data gathering and initial analysis for industry research, spotlighting European private equity
  • Engage deeply in performance analysis & sectoral insight, contributing analytical perspectives
  • Foster relationships with experts, academics, and partners, ensuring effective communication
  • Assist in creating tailored bespoke research services, addressing specific challenges.

Role overview: Champion strategic decisions, guide teams, and ensure the delivery of top-notch services by leveraging ACIP’s exhaustive resources and networks


  • Supervise and refine the process of industry research, ensuring the production of valuable insights
  • Drive strategic development initiatives, aligning with latest trends and industry requirements
  • Cultivate relationships with alumni and industry connections, facilitating collaborative projects
  • Direct the performance analysis & sectoral insight arm, making data-driven strategic decisions.


Join ACIP for a unique opportunity to become a successful long-term member and grow with us in the private equity industry. To apply for a position, please send your CV to our HR teams via the email address provided below. Your application will be carefully reviewed by our local HR teams.


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