Private equity

Geographic Landscape

As we pivot to a more localized exploration of the private equity terrain in the first half of 2023, distinct patterns emerge across various geographical spectra. The period saw regions grappling with the pendulum of economic dynamics, swaying between surges and significant downturns, each carving out its own narrative in the global investment landscape.


The European sector started on a back foot with a 15% retraction in private equity investments in Q1, which declined further by 29% in Q2. Despite this downturn, it mirrored the fluctuation pattern observed in 2022. Germany exemplified the broader regional trend, returning to the investment levels familiar to the 2018-2019 period. The dip was visible in comparison to the 2021 surge, which had seen a high injection of $19.5bn into the German market.

North America

Unlike Europe, North America faced a steeper decline in the initial quarter with a 41% contraction. However, Q2 bore witness to a resurgence, rallying with a 30% increase, defying the patterns established in 2022 and showcasing the market’s resilient nature.


Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific region maintained a moderate yet steady growth trajectory, registering a 4% increase in investments. Despite this growth, the investment figures stand pale in comparison to the monumental $178bn achieved in Q1 2021, highlighting a cautious market atmosphere.

Other Geographies

Delving into other geographical landscapes, Latin America witnessed a significant contraction in investments marking a sharp decline of 65%. Similarly, the MENA region saw a downturn with a decrease by 55%. This suggests a cautious approach from investors, potentially due to economic uncertainties prevalent globally.


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