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ACIP is an Associations loi du 1er juillet 1901 promoting the future of Private Equity Investments in industry since 2021
ACIP strives to be the first source of best practices, ethics, and industry knowledge.
Based in Paris, France, we represent the interests of those operating in the private equity space. We work together to bring knowledge, unlock opportunities, and drive returns for those directly and indirectly connected to the industry. Our knowledge outlines how private equity works and opens a dialogue to ensure policies that advance the private equity investment space. We strive to be the first source for best practice, ethics, and industry knowledge.
At ACIP we provide the latest news, share info, provide an exhaustive global database, and analyze operations and investment opportunities; but that’s not all that makes us a firm leader in our niche.


Thanks to our community of accredited members and institutions, and that’s the main reason why you can join ACIP by invitation only, who are constantly active and cooperating with each other, we contribute to the growth of the global economy, creating a sustainable system based on connections and experience in order to build solid foundations for the financial leaders of the future.


ACIP educates and empowers next-gen private equity investors and managers, building a community of experienced individuals and institutions. We remove barriers to information and strive for a sustainable system, aiding juniors to become future financial leaders.

Our vision is to empower the next generation of private equity investors and fund managers worldwide, by building a community of accredited individuals and institutions. We aim to remove barriers and foster growth and development for junior professionals, with a focus on France and the wider continent.

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