Data Methodology

Upholding the highest standards of data integrity and professionalism, the ACIP team monitors private equity investment funds with a Europe-centric focus to analyze the current trends in the sector. Utilizing databases compiled from national and international peer-reviewed sources. The comprehensive analyzes of our experts are aimed at studying global and local trends and how the micro-sector behaves relative to the macro in this specific industry.
The data we collect and analyse is oriented towards the needs of key players in the industry, such as banks; advisors in the financial space, as well as the legal and tax space; accountants, consulting firms, professional investors; and of course, private equity funds.
Our work is fueled by a diverse array of sources, including commercial databases, academic research, and input from our esteemed community of members. We also have the privilege of collaborating with various institutions and organizations. All of these elements come together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field.

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