Letter from the President 2023

Dear Members and Esteemed Readers,

As I reach out to you in my capacity as the President of the respected Association du Capital Investissement de Paris, it fills me with immense pride to spotlight the resilient trajectory of the private equity market and the progress we have fostered as an association.

We have witnessed an increase in the value of private equity capital invested, a testament to the strategic moves and prudent management exhibited by firms in our industry. Despite facing the trials presented by fluctuating markets elsewhere, our sector has demonstrated resilience, adopting strategies that have fueled not just survival but substantial growth, reinforcing our position in the industry as we closed a remarkably positive 2022.

As we delve into the achievements of our association, it is heartwarming to note the significant growth in our membership and the unwavering commitment showcased over the past year, a reflection of the relentless dedication of our team and the vibrant community we have nurtured. We have strengthened our internal frameworks, bolstering research and analysis plans to furnish our members with invaluable insights and data that underline the pulsating heart of our industry.

In our steadfast endeavor to echo the salient role of private equity in bolstering economic landscapes, we have fostered rich dialogues and championed the principled values of our sector through an enhanced presence on social platforms. This has catalyzed the broadening of our community, allowing us to foster richer engagements and propagate our mission and values more dynamically.

As we pivot towards the future, our pledge stands firm to further the interests of our members while underscoring the intrinsic values that bedrock our industry. We are focused on nurturing a collaborative platform where best practices are not just shared but cultivated with a vision for ceaseless growth.

Yet, we recognize the road ahead demands of us substantial efforts to instill greater faith among institutional investors, encouraging them to realize the untapped potential and the promising prospects nested in our sector. Our role, thus pivotal, is to foster a trust, drawing from the successful narratives we have scripted, urging a greater influx of savings to nurture a virtuous cycle marked with long-lasting positive impacts.

We remain committed to seeking regulatory landscapes that are proportionate to the scope of our operations, advocating for clarity in the interpretation and application of rules and a rapid initiation of encouraging measures and incentives. Furthermore, we perceive a critical necessity for substantial efforts in education, guiding the entrepreneurial world as it navigates challenges emergent from digital transitions and ecological shifts, a journey where private investors can play a pivotal role.

As I take this moment to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your staunch support and contribution, I stand hopeful and confident. Through collaborative efforts, we hold the power to foster a continuity in supporting the real economy through private capital, engendering a robust future with a horizon lined with opportunities and grand achievements.

Thank you for being the bastions of strength and partners in this enriching journey. Together, let’s stride toward a future that resonates with potential and unprecedented successes.

With heartfelt thanks,

Edoardo Ranaudo, President
Association du Capital Investissement de Paris

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